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5 Ways To Tell A Great Home Buyer From A Bad One In Columbus

If you’re comparing home buyers in Columbus, Ohio, while trying to sell your house, it’s essential to determine whether a buyer is reliable or not. Thankfully, with the abundance of information available on the internet, you can conduct research on them. Look up credible rating sources to gauge their reputation, check their social media presence, evaluate the quality of their website, and assess the types of properties they typically acquire.

Quick Cash

Home buyers who are reliable and trustworthy usually offer a speedy closing, sometimes within 2 business days, and may provide payment in full through cash or other suitable payment methods. On the other hand, bad home buyers can be evasive, slow to respond to your inquiries, and may cause delays during closing. They may also need to secure financing, which could lead to further complications. A reputable home buyer will not attempt to renegotiate the price unless unforeseen circumstances or undisclosed information arises, whereas an unscrupulous one may try to repeatedly readjust the agreed-upon price.

Great Reviews

When searching for a reliable home buyer, it’s important to look for numerous positive reviews, although negative reviews may also exist due to occasional mishaps. Initially, don’t allow negative reviews to overly influence your decision, but ensure to review the home buyer’s response to them. Evaluate how they handled the situation and whether you agree with their approach. Additionally, consider seeking recommendations from family and friends who may have dealt with the same buyer. If you were in the seller’s shoes, would you have felt comfortable with their actions?

Their Personality

Home buyers who possess a positive attitude towards real estate and demonstrate consistent follow-through are the ones to look out for. They keep their word and will call you back promptly as per your request. Their actions are in line with their words, and they don’t just talk big. In contrast, bad home buyers may seem enthusiastic initially but end up letting you down. They might make appointments with you but either fail to follow up or simply not show up at all. It can be frustrating to spend hours preparing your home for a potential buyer who doesn’t show up.


In business, references hold great significance. A reliable home buyer should provide you with multiple references that you can contact to gauge their business practices, and they should be willing to answer any questions you may have. If they appear hesitant to provide references or answer questions, it may indicate that they are not a trustworthy home buyer. You can also evaluate their credibility by examining their website. Check for customer reviews – are they specific to particular situations, or overly positive and generic, causing you to doubt whether they were written by the company’s own employees? Additionally, you can look for their presence on social media or other review platforms and read comments from their followers. Access to public reviews will also provide valuable insights into their reputation.


An ideal home buyer should commit to a quick closing date, which typically ranges from 2 to 30 days, and furnish a deposit while maintaining communication with the title company. They should not pressure you to vacate the property hastily. Conversely, an unfavorable home buyer may repeatedly postpone the closing date, disregard the agreed-upon date, and fail to submit the deposit as per the contract. If the buyer is seeking financing, a reliable buyer will have minimal issues listed on the commitment letter. Conversely, untrustworthy home buyers may have various issues on their commitment letter, which may raise concerns about the source of funds or a sudden decrease in their credit score.

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