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6 Ways To Make Your Mobile Home Stand Out In Columbus

If you’re looking to sell or find renters for your mobile home in Columbus, EASTON BUYS HOUSES can assist you. Our latest post provides valuable insights on making your mobile home stand out. Contact us today for expert advice!

Mobile homes have numerous appealing aspects, with easy maintenance being one of the key factors. In comparison to single-family houses, mobile homes usually entail lower costs. If your intention is to rent out a mobile home, there are several strategies you can employ to attract ideal tenants. These same tactics can also be applied when selling, or alternatively, you can bypass the expenses and inconveniences of listing by directly selling your mobile home to EASTON BUYS HOUSES!


By incorporating new plants and landscaping, the curb appeal of a property can be enhanced, resulting in a significant transformation of its appearance and atmosphere. The impression people form about a property is often made instantly, even subconsciously. Therefore, dedicating some effort towards enhancing the area’s appearance can raise its value and appeal to a wider range of prospective buyers or renters. With its ability to provide privacy, shade, and an attractive visual environment, landscaping is a simple and cost-effective way to improve a property’s overall ambiance that both buyers and potential renters can appreciate.

New Paint or Siding

Reviving and restoring a mobile home can be achieved with a simple coat of paint, even though its walls may differ from those of a conventional home. Painting them is still feasible, as there are numerous types of paint available that can be used depending on the exterior material of your home. Alternatively, you could replace the siding altogether, which would facilitate the addition of insulation or the completion of any other necessary repairs while the walls are exposed.

New Skirting

Skirting encompasses the material encircling the base of a mobile home, effectively safeguarding against pest intrusion while providing an insulation layer. By tending to damaged sections and addressing repairs promptly, the appearance of the property can be dramatically transformed. Furthermore, this maintenance can enhance energy efficiency, a quality that any prospective tenant or owner will undoubtedly value.

New Outdoor Fixtures

Enhancing the visual appeal is crucial not only for single-family residences but also for mobile homes in Columbus that you intend to rent out or sell. To ensure a captivating exterior, it’s vital to make certain improvements. One excellent approach to refreshing the appearance without incurring excessive costs is by incorporating new fixtures. Consider updating elements such as railings, the mailbox, address numbers, and door hardware. By revitalizing these features, you can enhance the perceived value of your property, all while being mindful of your budget.

A Deck

Transforming your mobile home by constructing a deck or patio can create a completely different atmosphere. The additional area provides more seating and ample space to host gatherings. Prospective renters and buyers will undoubtedly appreciate the option to dine outside, bask in the sun, or unwind in a beautiful setting. These features are often absent from a conventional mobile home.

Crown Molding

Crown molding enhances the aesthetics of every home, but it brings a distinctive touch of elegance and refinement when incorporated into a mobile home. In areas that tend to be plain and unadorned, the addition of crown molding introduces a subtle architectural element that makes a significant impact. Integrating crown molding is an excellent strategy to set your Columbus mobile home apart and attract prospective buyers or renters, leaving a lasting impression.

Ensure that you avoid overspending without any potential return when endeavoring to make your mobile home distinct in Columbus. Consider selling your mobile home directly in Columbus as it can often be the optimal selling method. Determine if it aligns with your needs and preferences!

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