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How Long Selling Your House In Columbus Will Take

Selling your house can be a significant challenge. Opting for an agent may prolong the process and result in higher costs. Discover how the duration of the sale impacts your financial situation by continuing to read.

In case you choose to sell directly, you can plan ahead as opposed to listing your house with a Columbus agent, where it’s impossible to determine the selling duration. In our latest post, we explore the factors that cause delays and estimate the timeline for selling your house.

If You List…

Getting It Ready For The Market

When opting to list your house in Columbus, it’s important to allocate time for preparation. This includes decluttering, cleaning, addressing repairs, and potentially staging the property for showings.

Finding The Right Agent

Selecting an agent may require some time and effort. It’s not advisable to work with the first agent you come across. It’s more likely that you’ll conduct research, consult with friends and family who have recently sold their properties, and interview multiple agents before making a final decision on who to hire.

Waiting For A Buyer

Listing your house puts you at the mercy of the market with no assurance of finding a buyer immediately or receiving the desired price. Your property may linger on the MLS and attract offers lower than expected, rendering planning for the future challenging.

The Inspection Process

After receiving an offer, the buyer’s lender will demand an inspection and appraisal. If the appraisal falls short of their loan amount, the funding may be jeopardized. In case of property issues, you may need to make repairs or negotiate the price with the buyers. It’s crucial to consider this step when pricing your home, as its value can significantly fluctuate post-inspection. To avoid unexpected surprises post-offer, some sellers choose to conduct a pre-market inspection at their own expense.


The duration of escrow can differ based on the agreements between the buyer and the seller, including the buyer’s request for repairs and the lender’s funding process. On average, escrow takes around 2-4 weeks or more.


After the escrow process is finished, both the buyer and seller must coordinate and settle on a date to sign the paperwork. You’ll convene at the title company to review all documentation and ultimately affix your signatures on the dotted line.

When You Sell Directly…

Get An Offer

At EASTON BUYS HOUSES, we provide you with an immediate offer when you sell directly to us. We respect your decision-making process and understand that you may need time to consider or evaluate your options. We prioritize your comfort and will never impose any sales pressure on you.


Considering a direct sale to EASTON BUYS HOUSES provides several advantages. By accepting our offer, the closing process can be completed within a few days, allowing you to proceed swiftly. Opting for a direct sale eliminates the need for listing-related expenses such as repairs, commissions, and closing costs. Moreover, it grants you the convenience of knowing the exact closing date in advance, enabling better planning. In the Columbus area, many property owners have found that a direct sale offers a quicker and more cost-effective solution. You won’t have to worry about making repairs or hiring an agent to facilitate the selling process. Before committing to a traditional listing, it’s wise to explore whether a direct sale aligns better with your needs. Rest assured, there is no obligation involved in considering this option.

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