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Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling The Traditional Way In Columbus

Is your property languishing on the MLS without generating much interest? This is a common occurrence, and there are typically similar underlying reasons. In our latest article, we’ll assist you in determining why your Columbus home isn’t selling through traditional methods and what you can do to change that.

Bad Listing

There are multiple ways in which a listing can be deemed unfavorable, with the most significant issue being poor-quality pictures. It’s evident that individuals are uninterested in witnessing someone else’s untidiness. Even if you manage to clear away your belongings for the photographs, it is crucial to ensure a thorough cleaning. It is disheartening to witness instances where individuals employ images displaying heaps of laundry on their beds or dishes piled up in the sink. It is imperative to exert effort and present your property in its finest condition for the listing photos. This recurring pattern demonstrates that inadequate pictures can severely hinder the chances of selling a house.

If the listing contains a poorly written description, it can have negative consequences. It is important for the listing to accurately portray the house without appearing fake or blending in with similar listings. It should grab attention while effectively conveying what to anticipate from the property. By opting for a direct sale to EASTON BUYS HOUSES, you can eliminate concerns about subpar listings or the need to market the property. We will purchase it in its current condition, flaws and all.

Incorrectly Priced

Although most real estate agents are trustworthy when it comes to estimating the selling price of your home, some may overstate the asking price to entice you into signing a listing agreement. It is advisable to conduct your own research and obtain several estimates on the value of your property. When evaluating the value, don’t rely solely on current listings, but also look at the prices of recently sold homes. It is important to factor in repair costs and remain objective when pricing your home. Overpricing your home may result in it lingering on the market, ultimately requiring a price reduction. This may push your listing to the bottom of the search results, and potential buyers may question if there is an issue with the property due to its extended time on the market. Extended time on the MLS may result in accumulating expenses such as taxes, utilities, insurance, and maintenance. By selling your property promptly, you can keep a substantial amount of cash in your pocket.

Needs Work

The majority of individuals searching for a home desire a turnkey property. Moving itself can be challenging, and for those intending to inhabit the house immediately, the prospect of undertaking significant renovations or projects is the last thing they want to handle. An effective approach to address this concern is by providing a credit for repairs, which can captivate potential buyers by granting them the freedom to personalize the space according to their preferences. Alternatively, if you wish to avoid the hassle of making repairs or offering credits to buyers, you may consider selling your home directly.

A Bad Agent

Although there are numerous outstanding agents available, not all of them live up to their own hype. Some may lack experience, resulting in inadequate advice. Others may not be proficient in marketing your property, while some may be indolent and fail to respond promptly to potential buyers. Many sellers regret signing a listing agreement with an agent only to end up doing most of the work themselves, all while still paying the agent’s commission. However, with EASTON BUYS HOUSES, there are no binding contracts. We provide you with an offer, and the decision to accept or reject it is entirely up to you. You are under no obligation to proceed.

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