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The Easiest Way to Sell a House While Buying Another One in Columbus

Are you trying to sell your house while buying a new one? Ready to move but need to sell your current home first? Listing your home traditionally, whether with an agent or by yourself, often risks losing your dream home if your current one doesn’t sell in time. Want the easiest way to sell a house while buying another in Columbus? Discover how selling directly to EASTON BUYS HOUSES can solve your problems. Sell My House in Columbus hassle-free.

Guaranteed Closing

With a traditional listing, there’s no assurance your home will sell or when it will happen. Unfortunately, the longer a house stays on the market, the more likely buyers will overlook it, suspecting hidden issues with a property that’s been listed for over 30 days. As time goes on, you’ll likely have to lower your asking price to attract offers, covering holding costs for your current home and potentially missing out on buying the new home you want. EASTON BUYS HOUSES provides a guaranteed closing date, making it the easiest way to sell your house while buying another in Columbus.


Frequently, the holdup in purchasing another home prior to selling your current property stems from contract failures due to buyers’ financing issues. However, selling directly to EASTON BUYS HOUSES ensures a cash payment, guaranteeing a smooth closing. This advantage underscores why partnering with EASTON BUYS HOUSES is the simplest method for selling a house while acquiring another in Columbus.


Selling directly to a buyer such as EASTON BUYS HOUSES typically entails acquiring the property in its current condition, without requiring renovations or repairs. Although this may result in a slightly lower sale price, we ensure a fair offer. By bypassing the need for updates or repairs, you could potentially save thousands of dollars. Additionally, you can avoid the time-consuming delays associated with renovation work. Opting to sell directly to EASTON BUYS HOUSES simplifies the process of selling and purchasing another home in Columbus.

Your Timeline

If you secure a buyer through traditional listings, any delays in moving into your new home could lead to complications. Your buyers may have already made arrangements, and contingencies for such situations are likely included in your sales contract. This could result in demands for alternative arrangements, causing inconvenience and added expenses, particularly if temporary housing is needed urgently. With EASTON BUYS HOUSES, the closing date is flexible as we’re not moving in, allowing us to accommodate your timeline. This flexibility is another advantage of selling directly to EASTON BUYS HOUSES, making it the easiest way to sell a house while buying another in Columbus.

The most straightforward approach to selling a house while purchasing another in Columbus is by selling directly—listing entails too many uncertainties. If you’re eager to save time, bypass repairs, skip cleaning, and avoid showings, along with high commissions and fees, EASTON BUYS HOUSES is at your service. These are just a few reasons why selling directly to EASTON BUYS HOUSES is the simplest route when you’re ready to buy your next home. Contact us today to find out more! Call EASTON BUYS HOUSES at 614-504-4360 or send us a message.

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