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We Purchase Your Lewis Center House Fast in Delaware, OH (43015)

Like most parts of suburban Columbus, Lewis Center is a nice place to live. The economy is growing remarkably and so is the real estate market. If you bought a house here a year ago, you are most likely in a position to sell at a higher price. Several property investors, as well as people looking for residences, are attracted to buying homes in Lewis Center. However, getting someone to purchase your home for cash with short notice is very hard. This is due to the fact that the market is very competitive. 

Easton Properties understands the market situation here and has come up with an interesting solution for home sellers.

Our offer is simple and clear in Delaware, OH (43015).

We will buy your house in any part of Columbus (43015 and 43035) regardless of its condition and regardless of your reason for selling. It doesn’t matter if you are selling to make money, move to a new location, pay debts, prevent foreclosure, or are facing divorce. The price we quote for your property reflects the current market value. You won’t find an offer as high as the one we provide in all of Lewis Center. If you are not currently able to afford your mortgage, our offer will not only help you pay off what you owe, it will also allow you to comfortably move on with your life. We also don’t charge any fees whatsoever, which is quite a contrast from the process of selling the traditional way via a real estate agency.

We understand you might be in distress.

You may be forced to sell your property within 43035 or 43015 due to situations like:

  • Defaulted bank loans/mortgages
  • Inability to afford the cost of running your home
  • Emergencies, such as diseases or other situations that require immediate cash
  • Divorce
  • Inheriting property with a lot of costs or debts you can’t afford
  • A desire to move away for work
  • Your family wanting to downscale to a smaller residence

We mainly concentrate on purchasing distraught properties. The process of selling a house via a traditional listing is strenuous. It is unpredictable and you may wait for ages before finding a buyer. The transaction process is also wrong. Sometimes, an agent will pressure you to sell your house at a lower cost so they can make a higher commission. This is not the case with us. We help you avoid long inspection periods, home appraisals, and waiting for long due approvals by buying in cash. Our goal is to enable you to move forward with your life smoothly.

We buy your Lewis Center house as it is.

Most sellers don’t have the time or resources to restore their homes before selling. Unfortunately, most buyers are looking forward to purchasing homes that are in the best possible condition. Likewise, most real property agencies require you to refurbish your home to a certain level before even accepting to list it for sale. Luckily, we are ready to buy your home in 43035 or 43015 exactly the way it is. We won’t suggest that you try to make it look more impressive. Moreover, we won’t pay less than the fair amount simply because your house is in a bad condition.

Reach out to us with your request and we will deliver our best offer to you.

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