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Selling a house can be stressful especially if it needs a lot of repairs and the model is outdated. Most property buyers are interested in well maintained and freshly upgraded structures. It is a shame that house owners in Dublin, OH are spending a lot refurbishing their home for sale while they can’t even afford the current home’s running cost. 

Fortunately, we have good news for you. At our company, we buy your house regardless of the state it is currently in. All we have to do is value your property and offer a fair deal. Forget all the hustle of improving your property to make an impression on the buyer. Sell us your home when you are ready just the way it is.

Types of homes that we buy in Dublin Oh cash offer for house in 43002

Whether you inherited a traditional old house, divorced, moving up the ladder financially, your current house is too small or cannot just afford your home, we are willing to offer great deals. Forget waiting on your agents to get your home sold. Sell us your home and get cash on the go. We even buy fire damaged houses.

Easton buys all types of houses including townhouses, condos, apartments, village houses, old traditional homes, or any other form of a house.

Why choose us

You don’t need to spend money remodeling or renovating your home. 

Unlike many house buyers who need freshly upgraded properties, we give cash offers for any condition of your property. Our goal is to assist you to sell your distraught property fast.

Get a fair deal

Our company has the proper information on the real estate market in Dublin to enable us to provide fair compensation for your property. We also give you time to evaluate and come into terms with our deal and until when you are comfortable to do we close the deal.

No delays, you get instant cash

We close the transaction when you are set. You don’t need a bank to approve your property sale because we aren’t dependent on external lenders. There are no barriers to prolong your property sale to us. We help you avoid foreclosure since we have sufficient cash and up to date details on market data to enable us to buy purchase you home immediately.

Our purchasing process in Dublin Oh cash offer for house in 43002

When we receive your request, we carry out thorough research on the current market trends. We have the required resources and in-house team of experts who help in doing the required valuing of your asset in a timely manner. 

Though we have valuable information on real estate trends, we revisit the specific area of interest. This includes recent developments in the neighborhood like freshly sold homes and conducting exterior and internal tours in the property of interest. Mostly, we take less than two weeks to acquire the necessary data and prepare an offer for your house which we usually submit to you immediately.

Feel free to contact us at any time and enjoy the best deals for your house. Our customer care team is ready to serve you and answer any question that you might have about selling your home.

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