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Sell Your House Today in Powell, Ohio (43065)

Most people residing in the Powell area own their homes, which leaves only 4% households as renters. This area is more rural than urban, contains highly-rated public schools, and is characterized by several parks. It is an ideal place to call home, especially if you tend to be conservative.

So, what about the people who want to sell their homes quickly in this Columbus suburb? How is the market and what are the concerns? It is difficult to sell your home, especially when you want to do it fast and have limited funds. This is true, especially if you are considering going the traditional route of selling through a realtor. However, the process can be much easier if you decide to sell your property to us. We buy in cash, fast, and are not put off by the condition or situation of your Powell (43065) home.

We are the right people to buy your Powell house fast.

There is no need for you to patch-up your home.

Most real estate agencies require homeowners to thoroughly repair their property before accepting to help them sell. This usually requires a lot of funding, especially if your home needs serious mending. Note that a thorough inspection will be done by any potential buyer interested in buying your home. Even after your property is listed on the real estate market, you may still have to perform repairs for each new potential buyer. This consumes a lot of time, leaves sellers more frustrated, and still does not guarantee a sale.

This is not the experience that owners in Powell (43065) will get when working with us. We offer to buy your home regardless of its present condition. We understand that if you are already pressed to sell your home, you likely do not have the money, time, or patience to undergo a frustrating sales process. For example, you may be facing foreclosure threats and cannot afford your house. Since we specialize in buying houses from owners who are in difficult situations, we guarantee that we will make a worthwhile offer for your troubled property.

We are not interested in the appearance of your Powell home.

Imagine you are buying a house today. What would be the first thing that draws your attention to a potential home? The exterior. This is what gives you your first impression. As a seller, it is always recommended that you enhance the exterior and surroundings of your home before listing it for sale. This includes applying fresh paint and improving the lawn to make your property more appealing. But what if you don’t have the time and can’t afford to do these things. Easton Properties is not interested in the appearance of your home. If you are ready to sell your house in Powell (43065), simply submit your request and we will get back to you with an offer.

Don’t struggle trying to find a buyer for your aged estate. Sell it to us the way it is for cash and move on with your life. Whether you are avoiding foreclosure, unable to pay your mortgage, forced to move because of work, or are facing a divorce, we will buy your home now. We can even close the deal within seven days if you are ready.

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